Parts Spotlight: NA & NB Miata Offset Bushings

New part permitted for Spec Miata allows for more front camber.

The SCCA GCR rule states: “For camber adjustment only – inner suspension bushings, on the front upper control arms, may be replaced with non-metallic offset bushings. The bushings may use metal (inner and/or outer) sleeve(s). Material and design must be the same in all four positions. The control arm may be modified to allow for pinning the bushing to prevent rotation. Spherical bearings are not allowed.”

Both models of offset bushings use an inner metal sleeve (the urethane bushing also has an outer metal sleeve) and allow for a bit more camber.

“From a handling standpoint, the more camber you can get, the better. The newer tire technology requires more negative camber for the stickier tires to work well, and these bushings give you a bit more than you would otherwise be able to get,” says Josh Smith, technical specialist for Mazda Motorsports.

The urethane bushings are designed to eliminate squeaks and groans and never need to be re-greased. The Delrin bushings are are a harder material and need to be re-greased regularly (zerk fittings are included).

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Miata Offset Bushings
Urethane Bushing Set: Mazda Part No. 0000-04-5409, $59.00
Delrin Bushing Set: Mazda Part No. 0000-04-5419, $98.00

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