Parts Spotlight: Brake Duct Kits – NC Miata & MAZDASPEED3

Ducts designed to get maximum air to the front brakes can help prevent a mushy pedal.

A mushy brake pedal is usually caused by overheating brakes and boiling fluid, so keeping the brakes as cool as possible is critical.

The best way to accomplish that is to get air to them. There are many ways to direct air in the right area, but every racer wants to get the maximum air to the brakes as efficiently as possible. The brake duct kits from Mazda Motorsports accomplish that.

These aren’t some generic hose to point air in the general direction of your discs and calipers; these are custom-made ducts that mount by the brakes of a MAZDASPEED3 or NC MX-5, along with fog-light-hole intakes in the case of the MX-5. They cool the whole disc and caliper, and the fog light opening inlets fit the space in the MX-5 perfectly.

You’ll have to supply your own hose, but there’s no better way to direct the air in and out of that hose than the Mazda Motorsports brake duct kits.

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Brake Duct Kits

Model Year Mazda Part # Description Price (Ea)
MX-5 Miata 2006-2014 0000-03-5301 Kit, Front Brake Duct (Caliper) $260.74
MX-5 Miata 2009-2012 0000-07-5805 Kit, Fog Light/Brake Duct Opening $195.00
MX-5 Miata 2013-2014 0000-07-5806 Kit, Fog Light/Brake Duct Opening $229.00
MAZDASPEED3 2010-2013 0000-03-3302 Kit, Front Brake Duct Kit (Caliper) $589.00

BDK-caliper ducts

BDK-Fog Light Inserts