Fourth-generation roadster is 220lbs. lighter than its predecessor.

The car that will soon populate race and autocross grids across the country, just as so many of its predecessors have in both open competition and as part of one of the largest spec racing classes in history, has been revealed.

Shown simultaneously in Monterey, Calif., Japan and Spain, the fourth-generation MX-5 adopts both SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY and Mazda’s KODO-Soul of Motion design language. It will be rolled out to global markets next year as a 2016 model.

While powertrain and other details will be revealed at a later date, Mazda showed a car that is both lower and wider than its predecessor, yet is also more compact and more than 100kg (220lbs.) lighter than the model it replaces. The proportions make the driver and passenger stand out with the exterior and interior designed to evoke the exhilaration of open-topped driving.

“Innovate in order to preserve” was the motto for the fourth generation as the development team searched for innovations that go beyond simple evolution. Environmental and safety demands are much more stringent than they were when the first generation MX-5 was introduced 25 years ago, but the fourth generation stays true to the model’s original aim of offering the pure driving fun that only a lightweight sports car can. It achieves this through the adoption of SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY and refinement of its appeal to the senses and sensations through which people enjoy cars.

Mazda has sold more than 940,000 MX-5s worldwide in its 25-year history. Attendees at the Miatas at Mazda Raceway event this weekend, one of the largest gatherings of MX-5 enthusiasts to celebrate the 25-year anniversary of the car, will have one of the first opportunities to see the fourth-generation car.