March 24, 2014

While once automotive technicians turned to the trusty shop manual for information on how to fix a particular car, as cars have become more and more sophisticated, so has the information needed to repair them. Expensive and not updateable, the shop manual has become virtually extinct.

Fortunately for those needing that information while building or maintaining production-based racecars, Mazda Motorsports makes that information available through access to its Service Information Web site.

“The purpose of that Web site is to supply the aftermarket, so an aftermarket repair shop can buy a subscription, as little as 24 hours all the way up to a year unlimited, and they can access the same information as a dealer,” says Mike Allen, MAZDASPEED specialist. “All the online repair information, calibrations, service bulletins, recalls… everything service related.”

The site includes the same service information available to dealers, including the shop manuals, wiring diagrams and service bulletins. While Steve Sanders, MAZDASPEED Motorsport Development Manager for Mazda North American Operations, notes that many earlier models still have service manuals available, as of about five years ago, the company stopped publishing them, and the Service Information Web site is the only way to get the information.

Subscriptions start at $19.95 for 24-hour access. The site can be accessed at

Call 800.435.2508 for more information.