Parts Spotlight: Cutting-Edge NC Differential Cooling Plate (SMX Legal)

Mazda Motorsports is excited to introduce a groundbreaking differential cooling plate, offering a significant upgrade in your Mazda MX-5 NC’s performance. This meticulously crafted plate provides a versatile solution, capable of seamlessly accommodating a fan/pump/cooler combination or functioning independently. There is no need for drilling or tapping; installation is straightforward, requiring no modifications to your vehicle’s existing setup. Most people don’t pay attention to the differential oil temperatures in an NC, but in stock configuration, temperatures can get very high.  We have seen over 325 degrees on multiple occasions, which is just too high for the fluids to work effectively. Featuring strategically positioned ports for fluid circulation, including in/out oil lines and a dedicated temperature sensor port, this differential plate is engineered for efficiency. Included dowels ensure precise alignment during installation, minimizing mess and streamlining the process. Additionally, a reusable steel/rubber-coated gasket simplifies rear cover plate removal for routine maintenance. In rigorous testing, the differential plate has proven its effectiveness by reducing the oil to optimal operating temperatures. With fins on all sides serving as efficient heat sinks, internal temperatures are significantly reduced, enhancing overall performance. For enthusiasts seeking additional cooling in warmer climates or endurance events, Mazda Motorsports is developing a comprehensive kit featuring a cooler/pump/filter combo. Designed for easy installation and maintenance, this kit mounts on a removable plate in the trunk, offering convenience without compromising performance. Inspection is simplified with a generously sized custom filter and housing, ensuring hassle-free maintenance. This differential cooling plate is in stock and ready to ship: Mazda Motorsports PT# – 0000-02-5580