Spec MX-5 New Build Kit Promotion

Spec MX-5 presented by Toyo Tires – SCCA’s newest national class – is continuing to gain popularity with its fantastic racing, attractive per-race contingency awards, and affordability.  These relatively low operating costs are achieved due to the reliability and durability of the Toyo spec tire, PAGID brake pads, Penske Racing Shocks, as well as the discounted pricing of factory parts, the value of the series has never been greater.

To keep the momentum of the SCCA national class status going, Mazda Motorsports has worked with series partners to offer one of the best deals on the parts for new builds we have offered to date.

“We are very excited to launch the 2024 season with the SCCA adopting Spec MX-5 to be a national class which makes it runoffs eligible,” commented Josh Smith, Mazda Motorsports’ business development manager responsible for Mazda’s grassroots racing program. “We set out to have 18+ cars in each Hoosier Super Tour. “We are just over 110 build kits sold,” continued Smith. “With another 20-30 cars built before the next race season, we will achieve our goal of continued growth year over year for this class.  This is a long-term project for the depart and we will support this class for many years to come.  We have been stocking up on competition and OEM parts to make sure of this.”

To help push this over the finish line, Mazda is offering the following:

For those who buy a parts kit for a new build from Mazda Motorsports by December 31, 2023, they will receive:

To take advantage of the discounts provided the following kits must be ordered in their entirety.  Kit A is the base kit, with kit B & C serving as add-ons that provide a deeper discount for each one.  The Discount gets applied to the total sum of the order.  The bottom line is the more you buy the better the discount!

Build kit A 15% discount: parts in red have multiple options pick what applies to your order. 

add Kit B to receive a 20% discount on the entire order:

add Kit C to receive a 25% discount on the entire order:

Reminder: Free UPS ground shipping to Continental U.S. on orders of at least $900 (before tax & after discounts).

About Spec MX-5: Mazda Motorsports has combined decades of key lessons supplied by thousands of racers at every level of grassroots and pro racing to create Spec MX-5. We’ve applied these learnings into four key pillars: affordability, reliability, tech-ability, and really fun to drive. We’ve considered every facet of Spec MX-5 – from the car spec, the suppliers and partners, the rule set, the schedules and tracks, the ease of maintenance and repair, fun and fair competition, prizes and awards, and more. Building on the abundance of already fun third-generation NC (2006-2015) MX-5s, Mazda Motorsports has developed a race kit with nearly every necessary part to convert the road car into the Spec MX-5 race car, intended for everyone from novices looking to make a long-term stay in club racing, to those aspiring to ascend to professional racing.

To learn more, go here to our Four Pillars article with Vehicle Technical Specifications or call Mazda Motorsports at 800.435.2508 now.