Parts Spotlight: 2006 – 2015 MX-5 Engine Brace

This NC MX-5 engine brace helps provide more precise shifting by bolstering stability by providing an additional engine mount on the passenger side of the engine bay as it attaches the right-side shock tower to the right front of the cylinder head.  This brace reduces drive-train flex during racing conditions and alleviates the need for higher durometer rated engine mounts.  Mazda suggests that you pair this brace with the competition differential bushings (part #: 0000-04-5510) that are legal for Spec MX-5 (SMX).

Mazda suggests that SMX cars use harder 88d mount bushings (softer 70d are suggested for street cars, as well, potentially, autocross cars and others).

Both the 70 durometer and 88 durometer bushings are supplied with the purchase of this engine brace. The 88d comes pre-installed into this brace.

The engine brace has a black powdered-coated finish and is adjustable for correct alignment during installation.  The adjusters are nickel-plated to hedge corrosion and provide a long service life.  The bushings are made out of polyurethane and are replaceable.

Approved for Spec MX-5
PT#: 0000-07-5600
Price – $215.00