Parts Spotlight: Spec Miata (NA & NB) Exhaust

Manufactured and developed by Kooks, Mazda has three Signature Exhausts custom built for NA and NB Miatas. These are a solution to noise and performance issues in Spec Miata, where every advantage matters. These are unique products.

Kooks and Mazda Motorsports have worked hand-in-hand to use evolving technology, updated rule sets, and stock hangers to develop an exhaust system that stands head and shoulders above others on the market – and still meets ever-restricting sound standards.

What are they, and why should I have one of them?

The Mazda Signature Exhaust systems are designed for simple installation to current rules, utilizing the transmission tunnel notch and compatible with drop floors. Unlike previously manufactured systems, these have heavy-duty hangers.

Like your race car, these are built for racing – there is adequate ground clearance to keep them from dragging on even larger curbs. They are made from 409 stainless steel, resulting in years of service and a lighter weight than their predecessors.

Advancement in muffler developments allow a quiet, yet free-flowing muffler that doesn’t choke up the car, proven on both the dyno and the sound meter.

As an added bonus, and an auxiliary but nice benefit, the mufflers are positioned further to the rear of the car than many exhaust systems on the market. This places them below the stock rear heat shield, making the cockpit slightly cooler.

Where are they eligible? The Mazda Signature Exhausts were built for Spec Miata, and qualify in ITA, ITS, STL, STU, and T4.

Where is the inventory located? The product is in stock, split evenly between pickup points in Georgia and California.

What are the part #s and prices?
0000-06-5426-99 (’99-’05 Miata): $372
0000-06-5425-18 (’94-’97 Miata): $340
0000-06-5425-16 (’90-’93 Miata): 340

How can I buy them? Place your order by clicking here, or contact or contact Mazda Motorsports at 1-800-435-2508.