Mazda Offers New Support to Endurance Racers

Competitors in budget endurance series will have access to contingency in the form of parts points

Racers who enjoy the endurance side of the sport have discovered that Mazdas make great vehicles for racing around the clock. And Mazda racers from other venues are venturing into endurance racing, discovering that long races with multiple drivers not only present a new challenge, but can often be quite cost effective with the expenditures spread out among several participants. Now those racers have extra incentives as Mazda Motorsports is making sure those Mazda racers are supported through the Team Support Program and contingency.

“We’ve seen World Racing League, American Endurance Racing and ChampCar over the last few years provide an excellent experience to the Mazda customer,” says David Cook, Manager, Business Development at Mazda Motorsports. “The Mazda customers have vocalized that appreciation and excitement for endurance racing and are gravitating to it more and more. As a result of the experience those sanctioning bodies are providing Mazda racers, it was time for us to further support and reward the Mazda customers who have gravitated toward those series. They continue to build on an excellent experience and it’s a great opportunity for our Mazda racers.”

World Racing League (WRL), American Endurance Racing (AER) and ChampCar (formerly known as ChumpCar) are three organizations that host on long, multi-driver endurance races. These may come in the form of single 24-hour or 12-hour races, or a pair of eight-hour races over two days, or all manner of lengths and combinations. They take place on the great tracks of the U.S.; WRL and AER are primarily the Eastern half of the U.S., while ChampCar is nationwide.

Some racers will take a Spec Miata or other Mazda prepared to another sanctioning body’s rules and run it in endurance events as is. Others have found a slightly different approach is warranted if endurance races are the main purpose of a car, given the different rules. Along those lines, you can read more about what some endurance racers have done in this article.

Contingency for endurance racers in Miatas will come in the form of parts points, a new initiative from Mazda Motorsports this year. Those points can be used for the purchase of competition parts from Mazda Motorsports. Endurance racers will also receive the same benefits they have in the past from being members of Mazda’s Team Support Program that includes discounts on competition and production parts, as well as excellent technical support. 

Endurance racing is growing in popularity, breadth and reach in the U.S., and Mazda Motorsports saw a need to give more support to those racers who enjoy being in it for the long haul. The new contingency program bolsters existing efforts in that category of racing and may encourage Mazda racers to try endurance racing, or entice endurance racers to the Mazda brand.