Six Mazda Drivers claim SCCA Solo or RallyCross triples

Four drivers earn the Solo Triad award, and two more take TripleCross honors in RallyCross

If you want to win an SCCA Solo Triad award, it seems driving a Mazda MX-5 is a pretty good starting point. Of the six drivers to claim the award that requires winning a couple of events during the season plus a Solo National Championship, four were driving a version of the Mazda roadster. The same is true in RallyCross. Four drivers won a TripleCross trophy for winning a Regional RallyCross, a DirtFish SCCA RallyCross National Challenge and a DirtFish RallyCross National Championship in the same class; two of them were driving Miatas.

Andrew Pallotta (C Street, ND MX-5), Tara Johns (C Street Ladies, ND MX-5), Jonathan Lugod (Street Touring Roadster, ND MX-5) and Randall Wilcox (Super Street Modified, NA MX-5) won Solo Triad awards. The award includes a glass-blown orange cone trophy created by autocrosser Shelly Monfort and a chance to win a free SCCA lifetime membership.

There are two ways to claim an SCCA Solo Triad award. The first is for racers to win one Tire Rack SCCA Solo Championship Tour event, one Tire Rack SCCA Match Tour date and a Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Championship all in the same class. The other option is for drivers to claim two Solo Championship Tour wins and a Solo National Championship, also all in the same class. Although events with fewer than three competitors within a class are not counted, Ladies class competitors were given the opportunity for a qualifying win through the Ladies Index.

In RallyCross, Myles Goertz and Brianne Corn took TripleCross honors in two rear-wheel-drive classes. Goertz, a two time SCCA national champion in Prepared Rear-Wheel Drive, won an Iowa Region event near his West Des Moines home, and the Finger Lakes DirtFish National Challenge on his way to the national championship. Corn traveled from San Marcos, Texas, to win an Arizona Border Region event and all three RallyCross National Challenge events in addition to the Modified Rear-Wheel Drive national championship.

Mazda Winners of the SCCA Solo Triad 
Driver; Hometown; class
Andrew Pallotta; Cary, NC; North Carolina Region; C Street
Tara Johns; Milton, TN; Tennessee Region; C Street Ladies
Jonathan Lugod; Torrance, CA; Cal Club; Street Touring Roadster
Randall Wilcox; Nashville, TN; Tennessee Region; Super Street Modified

Mazda Winners of the SCCA RallyCross TripleCross
Driver; Hometown; class
Myles Goertz; West Des Moines, Iowa; Prepared Rear-Wheel Drive
Brianne Corn; San Marcos, Texas; Modified Rear-Wheel Drive