Parts Spotlight: Stainless Brake Line Kits

Braided stainless steel lines are more protected from abrasion and don’t expand under pressure.

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Repeated, heavy braking for lap after lap puts a lot of strain on a brake system. Stainless steel-braided brake lines can handle the pressure. They resist expansion under high pressure and temperature to provide a more consistent feel. The stainless braid also offers unparalleled resistance to abrasion.

For 45 years, Goodridge has been manufacturing hoses for automotive and motorsports applications. Mazda Motorsports carries the trusted company’s line of stainless steel brake and clutch line kits for a variety of Mazda models, including the MX-5, RX-8, RX-7, and Mazda3.

For Mazda2 racers, Mazda Motorsports carries Stop-Tech brake line kits.

All the kits come ready with the necessary fittings, and use PTFE (Teflon)-lined inner hose that is compatible with all fluids.

Older rubber brake lines, no matter the manufacturer, can expand under pressure. This reduces pedal feel and makes modulating brake pressure tricky, not to mention reduces brake performance overall and increases the risk of failure. The PTFE-lined hose of these modern competition-minded brake kits resists that expansion, and the braided stainless-steel outer covering reduces it further in addition to providing a tough cover to protect the lines in case of rubbing against other components or impact of on-track debris.

Mazda Motorsports offers brake line kits for any recent track-worthy Mazda model, plus a Goodridge clutch line kit for the 1.6- and 1.8-liter NA Miatas.  (Price is subject to change.)

To order, log into the parts store or call (800)435-2508.