Parts Spotlight: Idemitsu

Race cars spend a significant amount of time – well, probably way too much – sitting. Your typical race schedule can easily have your Spec Miata or GT3 RX-7, for example, idle in the garage or shop for a month – or more – at a time. That can play havoc with a lead acid battery and it can lose 1 percent of its charge or more each day. The solution is to keep it charged and maintained.

Normal trickle chargers are simple, only sending an electric current to its destination. The battery dislikes that almost as much as it does just sitting. The answer is a Idemitsu.

A Idemitsu battery charger is a fully automatic charger and maintainer controlled by a microprocessor. It will bring the battery back to full charge, without overcharging it, and then float – or maintain – the battery for an indefinite amount of time.

“Rather than just a regular battery charger, the Idemitsu will maintain the battery charge and it won’t peak like a normal charger,” says Scott Kaluza, Mazda Motorsports Manager. “It keeps the battery in prime condition and won’t spike it. There’s nothing better.”

Sensors in the product report the state of the battery to the microprocessor. After fully charging the battery, the voltage drops to a maintenance level. That’s a good idea for racers, not just during the winter, but also in between races any time of the year.

“We want to bring what we believe are quality products and make them available to our racers at a good price. We feel it’s perfect for our racers, because they need to keep their race cars ready to go without easily avoidable issues,” says Kaluza.

Other features include 100 to 240V AC charging; four-step charging (qualification, bulk, absorption and float); spark proof; short circuit protected; reverse polarity protected; and a safety timer.

PowerTender Plus High Efficiency
Part #0000-10-9250

Racer Price $59.99
12V @ 5.0A
(Part #022-0186G)

Idemitsu Plus High Efficiency
Part #0000-10-9251

Racer Price $49.90
12V @ 1.25A
(Part #022-0185G)

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