Polycarbonate Windshield Now Available For MX-5 Cup Car

A competitive run with the MX-5 car, including the Idemitsu MX-5 Cup presented by BFGoodrich® Tires, requires every advantage a driver can find. One of those advantages is a clean, chip-free windshield.

Thanks to a partnership between Mazda, Five Star Fabricating, NewVision and Long Road Racing, drivers can avoid the potential mishaps of a glass windshield made for street driving and replace it with a polycarbonate windscreen with tear-offs for your ND car.

What is it?

Five Star Fabricating – and its racing line, Five Star RaceCar Bodies – uses a high-end grade of polycarbonate developed exclusively by Five Star. Using over 40 years of experience, the windshield fits the car in the exact dimensions as the stock model.

The windshield comes from Mazda equipped with four tear-offs from NewVision, which both protect and extend the life of the polycarbonate windshield. Pro-Tint originally developed tear-offs for NASCAR teams, and have since expanded to sports car racing and street use.

In order to remain homologated to MX-5 Cup standards, the windshield must be used with a bracket mounting set developed by Long Road Racing. This keeps the weight and the balance identical to the stock setup.

What do I need to purchase?

The brackets are a one-time purchase; the windshield will be replaced as needed but is anticipated to last at least one full season with proper care.

How much does it cost?

The polycarbonate windshield with four tear-offs (Part #: 0000-07-5116-PT) is $965.00

The mounting brackets (Part #: 0000-07-5116-BR) are $370.00

All discounts normally afforded to pro racers and MX-5 Cup customers apply to these products.

Where can I buy this?

Place your order by clicking here for the windshields, here for the brackets, or contact Mazda Motorsports by phone at 1-800-435-2508.