2018 Mazda Contingency Awards and Requirements

Many Adjustments for the 2018 Season Based on Customer Feedback

In an effort to continuously improve, we surveyed and spoke with our customers to learn what adjustments we can make to provide more value to them as a whole. The overwhelming feedback was to pay deeper into the field and to better reward those who beat more competitors.

  • Mazda will often pay for top five finishes and sometimes as deep as sixth.
  • To encourage women to compete in Open Class at the SCCA Solo Nationals, ProSolo Tour Events, Solo Match, and Championship Tour Events, there is a $150 Women’s Initiative bonus for Solo Nationals, and $50 Women’s Initiative bonus for the Tour and Match events and as part of Mazda’s Women in Motorsports Initiative (see page 4).
  • There is a $30K Spec Miata Challenge contingency award in Hoosier Super Tour Competition (see page 5).
  • There is a $100 Spec Miata bonus for Hoosier Super Tour competitors (see page 5).
  • Formula Mazda and Formula Enterprise now earn Hoosier Super Tour race contingency, as well as SCCA Runoffs contingency (see pages 5 and 8).
  • There is a $25,000 contingency award in Spec MX-5 Challenge (see page 7).
  • The requirements to collect contingency in SCCA Divisional competition is now easier (see page 7).
  • The NASA National Championships payouts have increased for the one event at COTA (compared to the Eastern and Western States split championships).
  • The Idemitsu Mazda MX-5 Cup presented by BFGoodrich® Tires champion receives a $200,000 Mazda scholarship; the ROY receives a $75,000 scholarship; the Master’s Class champion receives a $15,000 additional contingency bonus; the new Challenger Class champion receives a $20,000 contingency award (see page 18).
  • To earn full contingency, our racers will have to beat four competitors, among other requirements (e.g., Mazda 22” decals have replaced the MAZDASPEED 26” decals; 16” Mazda decals are now approved for the front nose/hood of sports cars). (See page 1.)
  • Based on paying deeper (i.e. paying more competitors and many more total submissions) along with other Mazda requirements, we need to receive the contingency documents timely (within 45 days of the race). (See page 2.)

With many adjustments to the contingency program (above and more), our racers will need to closely read the document (first PDF link below). You’re encouraged to call our competition parts department (800-435-2508) for any questions you have before your season begins.

And please note, Mazda is not responsible for contingency documents you find online, other than Mazda’s. Please refer to this document found on MazdaMotorsports.com.


Applicable PDFs:

Mazda’s 2018 Contingency Awards and Requirements

Contingency Awards Program Official Request Form

W-9 (November 2017)