Robby Foley Works with National Bank of Commerce, Alabama Gearheads and APEX Pro to Compete at Barber Motorsports Park

Robby Foley returned to action in the Idemitsu MX-5 Cup presented by BFGoodrich® Tires for the opening rounds of the championship at Barber Motorsports Park, racking up to fourth place finishes, even with some damage preventing the race car to reach its full potential.

The 20-year-old from Randolph, NJ is a student at Auburn University, making this past weekend a secondary home race for the Mechanical Engineering student. Robby was a Mazda Scholarship driver in 2016, racking up three wins and finishing fourth in the Championship.

Foley has been racing in the Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge Championship with Freedom Autosport this year, but was excited to get back to a familiar race format with MX-5 Cup. Robby is representing Birmingham-based National Bank of Commerce, do-it-yourself storage facility Alabama Gearheads, and the innovative new driver coaching tool, APEX Pro.

“It’s an exciting opportunity to be able to return to the series. I’m very fortunate to have some great local support around me, and some silent supporters behind the scenes that are making this all possible. I’ve had a great relationship with Mazda over the past few years so I’m thrilled to be able to continue within its ladder system. Additionally, going to school in Auburn has made this race track like a second home to me. I’m excited to have so much support from both Auburn and surrounding supporters in Birmingham!

The MX-5 Cup race car ran under a familiar name to the MX-5 Cup, Hooverspeed, on a last-minute deal put together by Robby and Jason Hoover. Robby, along with team principle Jason, fielded a single-car effort for the season opener scheduled as a one-off race.

“Jason has been a big help in my career so far in many aspects. Once I was able to put together the sponsorship funding, I approached him with the idea of putting this together. Given the timeframe without his commitment, I don’t think we would have been able to get this deal done. We are using a borrowed car, and had a lot to make happen these past two weeks to make it to the race track.”

Be sure to stay tuned to @FoleyRacingRFR on Twitter and Instagram, @RobbyFoleyRacing on Facebook, and @apexdigitaldrivingcoach to keep up with all of the action.

Thanks to National Bank of Commerce and Alabama Gearheads, as well as APEX Pro: Digital Driving Coach.

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