(Pictured above, Tamra Hunt. Photo by Perry Bennett Photography at AutoPix - autopix.com)

Are you Ready? Tire Rack Toledo ProSolo this Weekend

The SCCA Toledo ProSolo begins this weekend, June 11, at the Toledo Airport. The nearly sold out event is expected to have intense heat and threat of thunderstorms, which could make for some interesting environmental challenges for drivers.

The STR class is again one of the largest and most contested classes of the event. Brian Karwin in his 2016 Miata is one of the favorites to win, but Will Koscielny and car owner Jacob Ronald (2016 Miata) could be close behind if they have sorted out some of the reliability issues they faced previously. Tim Viars (2006 Miata), Bob Baily, (2006 Miata), and Geoff Walker (2016 Miata) will also be looking to chase down Karwin and work their way through the field of Honda S2000s.

Ben Wagstaff (1991 Miata) is the no-brainer favorite to win STS, considering he was the 2015 ProSolo Champion. He, Chris Bolt (1996 Miata), Chris Adele (1991 Miata), and Alan Claffie (1990 Miata) will all be looking to fend off the Hondas in this class.

C-Street is also one of the largest classes with many Mazda’s representing. Chris Harvey (2009 Miata) is a familiar name and one of the top contenders, but Josh Pertzsch (2004 RX-8), Shawn Alexander (2009 Miata), Johnny Rose Jr (2005 RX-8), and Andrew Krystinik (2005 RX-8) will be looking to help put Mazdas at the top against the BRZ/FRS drivers.

E-Street is now dominated by NB Miatas and Toyota Spyders. Some Mazda drivers to look out for this weekend include Chris Peet (2001 Miata), John Laughlin (2004 Mazdaspeed Miata), Aaron Buckley (1999 Miata), George Schmitt (2000 Miata), Charles Mathews (1999 Miata), and Bryan Hertweck (1999 Miata).

Into the race tire classes, CSP is guaranteed to be won by a Mazda Miata. If this were a betting game, I would put my money on Billy Davis (2015 CSP National Champion). However, Mike Kline was less than a tenth of a second behind Billy at the last ProSolo event in his and Danny Kao’s new Miata, so he could be one to watch. Ryan Field is a newcomer to the Nationals’ scene and could upset the competitive balance; keep an eye on this rookie.

DSP is a class typically dominated by torque heavy BMWs, but many say the RX-8 could be the car to have. Nathan Atkins is hoping to prove that this weekend. Rumors say Danny Gross may be co-driving with him.

SSM is always an exciting class to watch when Eric Anderson and Randal Wilcox bring the supercharged R-Package Miata out. A small, light, agile, but powerful Miata that can outrace Lotuses – now THAT sounds fun.

The race index classes are always a fun class to spectate due to their highly modified cars. Rich Hughes in his Mazda powered Exocet will be representing R1, while Andrew Blasiman and Andrew Pfotenhauer, both in a 1992 Miata, will be looking for the R2 win.

Last but not least, Mazda drivers are representing in all three ladies classes, with Katie Alexander (2009 Miata) looking for the L2 win; Kathleen Claffie (1990 Miata) and Laura Campbell (2016 Miata) hunting down L3; and Katie Lacy and Tamra Hunt both driving CSP Miatas looking to be at the top of L1.

Good luck to all Mazda drivers this weekend!