SCCA’s Match Tour w/ Rules

The Tire Rack SCCA Match Tour is entering its fourth year and the formula is only getting better. Find the rules here.

For those who went to a Match Tour in the first couple of years, but didn’t go in 2015, you should give Match Tour a fresh look.
For starters, the events now run like a Champ Tour on steroids during the first day – three runs in the morning and two or three runs in the afternoon. The best time from each set of runs, totaled together, determine class rankings. It’s simple, and gives people a lot of runs on the first day! For day two, everyone gets three more runs to qualify for the “Challenge,” for a total of eight or nine runs, guaranteed; then, you move onto the “Match” portion of the event.

The top finishers (on index) from each Heat during Sunday’s runs determine the qualifiers for the Sunday afternoon challenges. If you did not qualify for one of the two Challenges, don’t worry; a Bonus Challenge is offered by random drawing. All of these runs are taken on the same course as class competition, so there are plenty of chances to learn the course. Those runs, potentially reaching double digits, offer a lower cost-per-run than other National Solo events.

To go along with the lower entry fee, more runs, and an easy to understand format, the SCCA brings a less “serious business” feel to the events. It has streamlined operations, has a music playlist that covers all types of genres, and has an awards party Saturday night with food for everyone. These are just a few of the things that gives Match Tours a new and fun feel. It’s a great introduction to those who are new to National Tour events, while providing something for competitive National drivers.

No matter your skill level, there’s a reason for you to go to a Match Tour event.