JBH takes the win at Road America during the 2015 June Sprints

Meet the Contender: Joseph Burton-Harris

Along with his passion for winning races, JBH has a clear purpose, founding 21st Century Youth LLC, to create a wiser, stronger, healthier youth under 21 as the future of humanity.

Following a seventh-place finish at the Rotax World Championships in Portugal 2012, Burton-Harris represented Australia in 2013 at the Rotax World Championships in New Orleans. Tragically, it was during this event that he contracted a water borne virus that prevented him from racing in 2014. This serious illness could have ended his career; however, but he lives by the motto: “If you’re going through hell, just keep going. Everything happens for a reason.” Staying mentally strong during these months confined to his home was tough, however, and he used the time researching how his body works and how he can help other young people overcome adversity. This experience led to the creation of 21st Century Youth LLC.

As founder, his duties involve designing and delivering different ways in which to motivate youth to remain drug and alcohol-free; make wiser choices with food and beverage consumption based on knowing what their individual body needs; and make wiser choices when driving, realizing that all their decisions have a great effect on the future of humanity. JBH’s passion for racing is strong; but, he says, his efforts are “to better the future of humanity by encouraging youth who are the future of humanity to be better…wiser…stronger.”

While his Formula Mazda career statistics are impressive (National Championship; 13 wins in 14 races; 7 Poles; 12 Fastest Laps; 5 Lap Records; 0 Crashes; 14 Top-fives), Burton-Harris is a young driver whose purpose in life is as important as his passion. It differentiates him from his competitors.