A Message to the SM Community

In our effort to continue our open communication with our customers, I wanted to provide you with an update on the investigation into the Spec Miata rules infraction that was identified during the most recent SCCA Runoffs.  All of your e-mails, phone calls, thoughts and input we have received have been very valuable and appreciated. As you know, the SCCA’s board of directors meets on Friday, October 31 to discuss the next steps.  In preparation for this meeting, and as partners, Mazda and the SCCA have been working very closely.

Our first step has been to gather as much information as possible on what transpired at the SCCA Runoffs.  The next step has been to understand the state of the current environment. We’ve been listening to varying interpretations of the rule in question; what it states; what it should have stated; what it should state in the future, if anything different; and why. We are fortunate to have many experts within the Mazda family and within the SCCA family who have helped in all of these discussions.

In an effort to perform our due diligence, we have formed a team of industry experts including Mazda technical staff to travel this week to Topeka, Kansas where the cylinder heads that did not pass technical inspection at the Runoffs are being stored. This team of unbiased, industry experts will inspect the cylinder heads to gain a clear understanding of the work performed on them to deduce the functionality, performance benefits, and reason behind it. We are confident that this comprehensive understanding coupled with all the information we have gathered thus far will help the SCCA’s board of directors make the best and right decision for the class, our customers.

Thank you for your support in us,

John Doonan
Director, Mazda Motorsports