Spec Miata Engine Rules Memo

Mazda Motorsports addresses the recent controversy regarding engine head modifications in Spec Miata at the SCCA Runoffs; will work with sanctioning bodies to make sure rules are understood and enforceable.

To:              The Spec Miata Community
From:         Mazda Motorsports, Mazda North American Operations
Re:             Spec Miata engine rules

Over the past ten years, Spec Miata grew from a racer idea to a nationwide phenomenon.  The rules were created by racers, for racers.  The team here at Mazda Motorsports has been thrilled to be a part of it and watch it grow from a small regional class to the single largest race in the 51 years of the SCCA National Championship Runoffs.  In addition to the large SCCA and NASA fields, Spec Miata has been embraced by tracks like the Autobahn County Club, and multiple regional clubs across the U.S. and Canada; it is some of the greatest road racing today.

At times we have contemplated stepping in as it related to rules, but we have opted to stay out of the regulatory side of the sport.  Recent circumstances are such that we will be working much closer with all parties: racers, teams, engine builders, and sanctioning bodies to ensure what has grown over the past decade continues to be the strongest class of road racing in North America.

For those who have not heard the details of what happened last week at the SCCA Runoffs in at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, it involved the interpretation of what was, and was not legal regarding head modifications.  Nine cars were protested, impounded after the race, and deemed non-compliant by the SCCA Technical Inspectors.  The Mazda team was not involved in the review process, although the SCCA kept us informed as to its findings.

We want all racers to have the maximum opportunity to showcase their talents in one of the deepest talent pools in all of road racing.  We also want to keep costs to a minimum such that racers can compete more often.

What Mazda will do:
• Work with all sanctioning bodies to develop systems to make rules more easily enforceable.
• Listen to all of our stakeholders to better understand all the perspectives.
• Find answers to these questions.
• Collaborate with the SCCA in making the right short-term and long-term decisions to this challenge.

What Mazda would like our racers to do:
• Direct constructive input to Support@MazdaMotorsports.com or 1 (800) 435-2508.
• Have confidence that Mazda is working with the needs of our customers as the #1 priority.

We appreciate everyone being patient and working together here.  We all share the common goal of maintaining the best, most affordable, racing in North America.

Thank you,

Your Mazda Family