Proper decals are required to collect contingency prizes. Decal kits are available on to Team Support Members.

Parts Spotlight: Decal Kits

If a Team Support Member wants his contingency money from Mazda Motorsports, he or she not only has to earn it, but represent the brand properly as well.

The best – and required – way to do that is with the proper decals. Of course, Mazda Motorsports has bundled the appropriate kits depending on the type of car you have.

For most sports cars raced in autocross or road racing, MAZDASPEED Motorsport Development Manager for Mazda North American Operations Steve Sanders outlines the guidelines that most competitors must follow: “The 26-inch ‘MAZDASPEED’ decal is required on the front of the car, either on the front bumper or the front of the hood; the 22-inch ‘Mazda’ decal is required on the rear quarter panels, above the wheel well. So the decals can be viewed by spectators in the stands or on TV, they need to positioned over a solid color background and the color of the car and decal must contrast.”

Decals can be purchased separately or in a kit. For formula cars, however, there is no kit. Formula cars require a 16-inch “Mazda” decal on the engine cover and the Mazda brand symbol on the nose; the color contrast for visibility still applies.  Most of the decals are available in black, white, blue and silver.

To find more information on decals and proper application in the 2015 Contingency Rules link found in the 2015 Mazda Contingency Awards Section.

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Decal Kits

Color Part Number
Silver K-DECL-SL-WM1

The kits include the following:
1 – 26 inch MAZDASPEED decal (front nose – front bumper or front of hood)
2 – 22-inch Mazda decals (rear quarter panel – above wheel arch)
2 – 8-inch Mazda decal
2 – 8-inch MAZDASPEED decal
2 – 5-inch Mazda decals (Helmet)
2 – 5-inch Mazda Patch (Driver’s suit – Pocket area)

Formula cars and sports racing cars should use a 16-inch Mazda logo decal on each side of the engine cover and a Mazda brand symbol (vertical) on the nose:
Mazda Logo Decal (16 inch) – Engine Cover (two Required)
Part #0000-10-0016-XX
XX – WH (White); BK (Black); SL (Silver); BL (Blue)
Mazda brand symbol (Nose) (one Required)
Part #0000-10-WM16-XX
XX – WH (White); BK (Black); SL (Silver) (Not available in Blue)