Parts Promotion: Miata Parts

Jesse Prather Motorsports-developed pieces for NA and NB Miatas are discounted for the month of March.

In 2016, Mazda Motorsports launched special prices on a series of parts in an effort to further support its racers. As the 2017 race season for many Mazda competitors kicks off, Mazda Motorsports is once again discounting some prices on popular items.

Mazda Motorsports starts with four items that will be on promotion until the end of March: the crankshaft damper, Miata oil pan baffle plate, Miata coilover shock kit, and Miata steel flywheel. These items are exclusively sold by Mazda Motorsports and provided by Jesse Prather Motorsports.

“Mazda Motorsports’ program was established to support the racer,” says David Cook, Mazda Motorsports’ Business Development Manager. “Our competition parts department is a key pillar to doing so. We’ve got some big discounts scheduled this year that we believe all our racers will be excited about. We are just getting started with some of our most popular competition parts.”

Miata coilover shock kit

Part # 0000-04-5229

Racer Price: $3100.00

Special price through March 31: $2740.00

The coilover kit for the NA and NB Miatas is a great start to a Production or STL car. It features AFCO shocks specially damped to Prather’s specifications, wrapped with Eibach Springs. More information on the kit can be found here.

Miata Steel Flywheel

Part # 0000-02-5214 (Steel Flywheel)

Regular Price: $795.00

Special price through March 31: $695.00

This steel flywheel can smooth out your 1.6- or 1.8-liter Miata engine and help it last longer. It works with 5.5-inch clutches and is specifically designed for Production-class-prepared engines. More information can be found here.

Crankshaft Damper

Part No. 0000-01-5220

Racer price: $850.00

Special price through March 31: $765.00

This versatile crankshaft damper for 1.6- and 1.8-liter Miata engines can smooth the harmonics, and it can include a dry sump mandrel. See here for more information.

Oil Pan Baffle Plate

Part #0000-01-5311

Regular price: $39.99

Special price through March 31: $31.99

Finally, if you’re using some of the other pieces in this promotion and generating high g-forces in your Miata, you’ll want this baffle plate. It helps ensure that oil is getting to all the places it needs to in your engine during high cornering forces. It’s designed for 1.6-liter engines, but will work on 1.8 engines with a little bit of trimming. Click this link for more information.