New Shocks: RX-8 parts spotlight

With the popularity of the RX-8 chassis in SCCA Touring 4 growing. Along with recent changes to the spec line allowing 700lb front & 400lb rear springs. Mazda Motorsports saw a need in the marketplace for a suspension upgrade. This new, non-adjustable shock offering is legal for SCCA T4 as well as a great option for endurance series and track day customers.





This project is made possible by the Spec MX-5 (SMX) shock development with Penske Racing Shocks; as the NC MX-5 & the RX-8 are a shared chassis design. The shock body lengths, valving and rear mounts have been optimized for the RX-8 chassis.


  • Shocks
  • Mounts
    • Front shock mount kit– 0000-04-5359
    • Rear shock mount kit– 0000-04-8358-MT
  • Springs
    • Helper spring (4 required) – 0000-04-9926
    • Front Spring – 0000-04-9700-08
    • Rear spring – 0000-04-9400-07
  • Offset bushings
    • 0000-04-5407-NC – 2006-2015 MX-5 & 2009-2011 RX-8
    • 0000-04-5407-R1 – 2004-2008 RX-8