Tech Info

  • Jesse Prather's Tom Thrash Tribute RX-7

    Well-known car builder constructs an E Production RX-7 in memory of his racing buddy

  • Balancing Modern Mazdas with a Swaybar

    Pro Parts USA and Mazda Motorsports help RX-8 and NC MX-5 drivers fine-tune handling via swaybars

  • Long Life Tires

    Racing tires are a wonderful thing – nice and sticky, they allow more of those things that all racers crave – g-forces and speed. What they don’t afford, however, is long life. Since...

  • Miata Steering & Suspension Maintenance

    Suspension and steering are often thought as something that you install at the time of the build and from that time forward only adjustments are needed; this is incomplete.

  • Alignment Secrets and Tricks

    One for the ages: A few simple tips and preparation can help autocross competitors and club racers get suspension alignment correct and adjust it quickly on the fly. Somewhere in the principal suspension alignm...


    Oil leaks are some of the most frustrating maintenance problems. Fortunately, they are also often easy to repair or prevent.

  • Stay Mentally Sharp

    It's easy to get out of racing mode in the off season. Finding ways to keep your brain engaged will have you ready when your next race rolls around.


    The cooling system of any race car is vital to your engine's performance and longevity. A few simple maintenance items can keep it performing like it should.

  • Miata Tune-Up Guide

    Don't wait until race day; do your maintenance and make off-season repairs now!

  • Parts Spotlight: JPM Crankshaft Damper

    New Crankshaft Damper from Jesse Prather Motorsports integrates the timing belt gear and works with both dry and wet sump applications.

  • Racecar Build: STL RX-7

    Mike Van Steenburg pulled an ITS RX-7 out of mothballs to run Street Touring Lite at the 2015 SCCA National Championship Runoffs.

  • Parts Spotlight: Pauter Connecting Rods

    Connecting rod set for 1.6- and 1.8-liter Miata engines is lighter than stock.

  • Balancing Braking

    Using different friction at each end of the car can help balance your braking setup, even when there is no hydraulic brake bias adjustment available.

  • Give 'Em an Inch

    Sometimes a small difference in wheel width can make a big difference in performance.

  • Friction Business: Temperature

    Operating temperature is an important consideration when choosing brake pads for racing applications.

  • Know Your Plumbing

    Do you know the difference between quick-disconnect and drybreak connectors? The designation can be pretty important.

  • Looking Good at Speed

    A proper graphics design, along with proper installation, makes your racing program look that much better.

  • Parts Spotlight: JPM Miata Oil Pan Baffle

    Don’t overlook the best valued part of any high-performance Miata engine build!

  • Solo Car Build: The RX-8 Guide for DSP

    The guide to converting a Series 1 (2004 - 2008) or Series 2 (2009 - 2011) RX-8 into a D-Street Prepared autocrossing beast.

  • Parts Spotlight: JPM Miata Steel Flywheel

    Developed by a championship racer for a racer, this steel flywheel for 5.5-inch clutches can smooth out your Miata.

  • Solo Car Build: STR MX-5

    Sebastian and Shauna Rios are adjusting to their MX-5 after coming from all-wheel and front-wheel-drive cars, and winning.

  • Solo Car Build: X Prepared RX-7

    Andy McKee’s RX-7 has gone through several classes, wining at every stage. It’s now a 350hp, 2000lb. winged and very fast  beast. Andy McKee’s X Prepared 1993 RX-7 has spent most of its l...

  • Racer Tips and Tricks: Heat Management

    Some heat is good. Too much can start hurting the performance of both you and your car. Racecars are hot. No, we don’t mean in a metaphorical sense, nor are we saying they are attractive (although both ca...

  • Solo Street Class Setup: MX-5

    Beyond good tires and a competition alignment, shock and anti-roll bar substitutions make for a competitive package. When we discussed some general SCCA Solo Street class setup previously, along with some RX-8-...

  • Solo Street Class Prep: RX-8

    A few general rules apply to preparing any car for the SCCA Street class in Solo; there are also some specifics to help you get the most out of your Mazda. Let’s start with the RX-8. SCCA Solo rules have ...

  • Racecar Build: E Production RX-3

    Aaron Downey’s RX-3 has a lot of Runoffs E Production podiums to its name; now he wants to win a National Championship with it. Aaron Downey has one of the fastest RX-3s in the country, and he’s put...

  • Racecar Build: NASA PT RX-8

    Warren Dexter and family’s Performance Touring RX-8 has been through several iterations, but in each one it’s their go-to when they want to go fast. The Dexter family loves its Spec Miatas. Father Z...

  • Rain Dance

    Suspension and tire management for racing in the rain can be a very different exercise than when dealing with a dry track. In some parts of the country, racing in the dry is the exception rather than the rule; ...

  • Leveraging Data: Brake Application

    Comparing brake pressure data with other parameters may show a driver some areas where free speed can be found. Beginning racers may not understand just how critical braking is to fast lap times. Many come into...

  • Bring A Better Car

    Whether it is over the winter or between events, Sylvain Tremblay always aims to bring a different car to the track than the last time. That doesn't mean a new car, just an improved one.

  • Racecar Build: MZR-powered Van Diemen

    David Ferguson’s Protoype 2 Van Diemen RFS-03 lived much of its life as a Sports 2000 before being converted to a very fast, Mazda MZR-powered P2 car. When SCCA decide to consolidate and rearrange its spo...

  • Make the Big Stick Speak Softly

    You can make your car quieter without losing horsepower.   There is nothing quite like the sound of a rotary at full song. It’s the sort of thing that makes a gearhead’s heart flutter. Unfortun...

  • Mazda Racecar: Adam Poland's PWC MX-5

    Is it possible to start with a $5000, flood-damaged car and win a Pirelli World Challenge Touring Car Championship race? Adam Poland says yes, and backed it up by winning Round 8 at Road America in his Eastex M...

  • Mazda Racecar: Schenker's CSP Miata

    Bill Schenker will admit that his MiataRoadster/ChaseCam/OS Giken Miata, prepared for SCCA Solo in the C Street Prepared class, is expensive. Too expensive, in fact. But, he says, that’s only because of a...

  • Mazda Racecar: Craig Naylor's STS Miata

    The Miata is one of the most popular and successful cars in autocross and SCCA Solo. Light and nimble, it’s a great car for maneuvering around a tight course marked out by traffic cones. Early cars can al...

  • The Art of Adjustable Shocks

    Jesse Prather explains what a good set of double-adjustable shocks can do for a racer and help him or her tune the car. Adjustable shock absorbers, or dampers if you prefer, are fairly commonplace at all levels...

  • Build it Neat

    Andris Laivins, crew chief for CJ Wilson Racing and owner of Laivins Race Cars in Austin, Texas, has turned more than a few road cars into racing machines. There are obvious goals in such an undertaking, primar...