Spec Miata Racing

2015 Spec Miata NASA MRLSThe most popular road racing class in the world, Spec Miata racing is considered one of the most affordable racing classes to enter and to upkeep your race car. More than this, as the most popular class, it provides competition throughout the entire field. With competition comes learning and the fun we all look for in racing. To learn more, Mazda Motorsports' factory driver Andrew Carbonell walks you through the entire decision-making process for why you should race Spec Miata in a series of articles. Don't miss: Spec Miata: Introduction Spec Miata: Why Race It?Spec Miata: Which Generation Should You Race? Spec Miata: Baseline Setup Spec Miata: Fine Tuning at the Track Other resources: Contingency Awards Parts Spotlight: Spec Miata Kits