Pirelli World Challenge

Series: Pirelli World Challenge
Classes: Touring Car (TC); Touring Car A (TCA); Touring Car B (TCB or B-Spec)
Cars: MX-5; RX-8; Mazda2
The Pirelli World Challenge, once known as the SPEED World Challenge, has evolved for over 25 years. The current seven-class series structure includes three classes where privateer Mazda teams are very competitive. In each class, Mazda pays Contingency awards to support the racing efforts. In the Touring Car (TC) class the MX-5s are built a similar spec as those found in the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge ST class.  In 2015, Ernie Francis Jr. and Adam Poland each scored race wins in their MX-5s to help deliver the manufacturers’ championship to Mazda.  The chief rivals in this class are Porsche, Nissan, and VW. New for Touring Car A (TCA) in 2016 is the formal inclusion of the previous generation, “NC”, MX-5 Cup cars.  We anticipate a number of strong entries here in 2016.  This class is of particular interest to the rotorheads as there are several teams campaigning crowd favorite RX-8s. The "B-Spec" class has dramatically altered the perception of what a modern B-segment car can do. While not heavy on horsepower, the terms quick, nimble, and surefooted come to mind. The Mazda2 competes against the Honda Fit, Ford Fiesta, Fiat 500, Mini Cooper, and Kia Rio among others. Joey Jordan scored four race wins at the end of 2015 in the Corksport Mazda2. The 2016 Pirelli World Challenge kicks off on March 3-6 at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin Texas.  The season will consist of six weekends, each with a triple-header for the touring car classes.  The season will conclude at Mazda Raceway on October 7-9.