Mazda Motorsports Champions, From Altenberg to Zwart

The Mazda Motorsports Hall of Fame starts with the SCCA Runoffs Champions and extends into the professional ranks. Some names are household words among racers today. All have a special place of honor among the Mazda Motorsports family. These are the drivers who won national drivers championships in Mazda sports cars and trucks in open competition.

SCCA Club Racing National Champions

Stuart Fisher1977B SedanRX-3
Ron Christensen1980Showroom Stock BRX-3
Jim Roberts1981Showroom Stock BRX-3
Christopher Dembs1982GT-2RX-3
Robert Reed1982C ProductionRX-7
Robert Reed1983GT-2RX-7
John Hogdal1985GT-2RX-7
Matt Mnich1990GT-2RX-7
Don Walker1990GT-3RX-3
Eric Van Cleef1991Showroom Stock CProtege
Michae Lewis1992GT-3RX-7
Randy Pobst1992Showroom Stock CMiata
Michael Galati1993Showroom Stock CMiata
Duane Ablamis1994GT-3RX-7
Michael Galati1994 howroom Stock CMiata
Terry McCarthy1994E ProductionMiata
Michael Lewis1996GT-3RX-7
Pratt Cole1997E ProductionMiata
Michael Galati1997Showroom Stock BMiata
Michael Lewis1997GT-3RX-7
Bob Boig1998E ProductionMiata
Tony Buffomante1998Formula Mazda12A
David Daughtery1998Showroom Stock BMiata
David Daughtery1999Showroom Stock BMiata
Keith Roberts1999Formula Mazda12A
Matt Beardsley2000Formula Mazda12A
Randy Saucier2000Showroom Stock BMiata
Pratt Cole2001E ProductionMiata
Marc Hoover2001D Sports RacingCheetah
Keith Roberts2001Formula Mazda12A
David Roush2001Showroom Stock CProtege
Randy Saucier2001Showroom Stock BMiata
Jamie Bach2002Formula Mazda12A
David Daughtery2002Showroom Stock BMiata
Jon Brakke2003E ProductionMiata
Harry Manning2003Showroom Stock BMiata
Chris Schanzle2003Formula Mazda12A
Pratt Cole2004E ProductionMiata
Doug Peterson2004Formula Mazda12A
Chris Schanzle2005Formula Mazda12A
Andrew Caddell2006Spec MiataMiata
Rick Gilhart2006Touring 3RX-8
James Goughary2006Formula Mazda12A
Jesse Prather2006F ProductionMiata
James Goughary2007Formula Mazda12A
Robert Huffmaster2007Touring 3RX-8
Jesse Prather2007F ProductionMiata
Brad Rampelberg2007Spec MiataMiata
Tom Thrash2007E ProductionRX-7
Mark Eaton2008Formula EnterpriseMZR
Eric Foss2008Spec MiataMiata
Franklin Futrelle2008Formula Mazda12A
Rick Harris2008F ProductionMiata
Joseph McClughan2008Showroom Stock CMazda3
Jesse Prather2008E ProductionMiata
Nick Evans2009Formula EnterpriseMZR
Steven Gorriaran2009Spec MiataMiata
Juan Marchand2009Formula Mazda12A
Matt Miller2009C Sports RacingMZR
Jon Brakke2010E ProductionMiata
Andrew Charbonneau2010Spec MiataMiata
Scott Rettich2010Formula EnterpriseMZR
Robert Warkocki2010GT-3RX-7
Darryl Wills2010Formula Mazda12A
Elivan Goulart2011Spec MiataMiata
Kent Prather2011GTLMiata
Justin Pritchard2011E ProductionRX-7
Scott Rettich2011Formula EnterpriseMZR
Darryl Wills2011Formula Mazda12A
Jon Brakke2012E ProductionMiata
Jim Drago2012Spec MiataMiata
Patrick Gallagher2012Formula EnterpriseMZR
Alan McCallum2012Formula Mazda12A
Kent Prather2012GT LitesMiata
Rob Warkocki2013GT-3RX-7
Rob Huffmaster2013Super Touring LiteRX-8
Jim Drago2013Spec MiataMiata
Darryl Wills2013Spec Miata12A
Scott Rettich2013Formula EnterprisesMZR
Jeff Altenberg2007 SCCA World Challenge Touring Car Champion Mazda6
Jack Baldwin1984 IMSA GTU ChampionMazda RX-7
1985 IMSA GTU Champion Mazda RX-7
Walt Bohren1978 IMSA RS ChampionMazda RX-2
1980 IMSA GTU ChampionMazda RX-7
Bob Borden 1972 North American Ice Racing Champion (Class Five)Mazda RX-2
Michael Cooper2012 SCCA World Challenge Touring Car ChampionMAZDASPEED3
Peter Cunningham1990 SCCA Racetruck ChampionMazda B2600
Jim Downing1981 IMSA RS ChampionMazda RX-3
1982 IMSA GTU ChampionMazda RX-7
1985 IMSA Camel Lights ChampionMazda Argo
1986 IMSA Camel Lights ChampionMazda Argo
1987 IMSA Camel Lights Champion Mazda Argo
Michael Griebb1991 SCCA Production GT Rally ChampionMazda 323 GTX
Pete Halsmer1991 IMSA GTO ChampionMazda RX-7
Jeff Huber1987 Mickey Thompson Sport Truck ChampionMazda B-Series
Dave Jolly 1989 IMSA RS ChampionMazda MX-6
Richard Kelsey1984 SCCA Production GT Rally ChampionMazda RX-7
Tommy Kendall1986 IMSA GTU ChampionMazda RX-7
1987 IMSA GTU ChampionMazda RX-7
Pierre Kleinubing2012 Continental Tire ST ChampionMAZDASPEED3
Roger Mandeville 1979 IMSA RS ChampionMazda RX-3
1983 IMSA GTU ChampionMazda RX-7
Rod Millen1981 SCCA National Rally ChampionMazda RX-7
1987 SCCA Group A National Rally ChampionMazda 323 GTX
1988 SCCA Group A National Rally ChampionMazda 323 GTX
1989 SCCA Group A National Rally ChampionMazda 323 GTX
Lee Mueller1981 IMSA GTU ChampionMazda RX-7
Tom Ottey1990 SCCA Production GT Rally Champion Mazda 323 GTX
Ed Parks1974 ICSCC Class ChampionMazda RX-2
1975 ICSCC Class ChampionMazda RX-2
Jeff Segal/Emil Assentato2010 Grand-Am GT ChampionsMazda RX-8
Dennis Shaw1985 IMSA RS ChampionMazda GLC
Guy Smith/Chris Dyson2011American Le Mans LMP1 ChampionsLola-Mazda MZR-R
Lance Stewart1990 IMSA GTU ChampionMazda MX-6
Sylvain Tremblay/David Haskell 2004 Grand-Am Cup ST ChampionsMazda RX-8
2005 Grand-Am Cup ST ChampionsMazda RX-8
Chuck Ulinski1982 IMSA RS ChampionMazda RX-3
Jeff Zwart1990 SCCA open Class Rally ChampionMazda 323 GTX