The MAZDASPEED MOTORSPORTS DEVELOPMENT program is only for Racers within North America. If you are in another country, please contact your local Mazda distributor about racing support.



Mazda Competition and stock parts are sold "as is" and without warranty of any kind. All implied warranties, including all warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby disclaimed. Purchaser acknowledges that no representations have been made to him regarding these parts, including but not limited to any representations as to their quality or performance, and that he (or she) shall be responsible for and bear all costs of repair or replacement of any defect in or failure of these parts. Purchaser acknowledges that installation of these parts may cause his (or her) vehicle to be unable to be lawfully used on public highways, and assumes all risks and expenses thereof. All suggested modifications and recommendations are intended solely for use on vehicles participating in off-highway competition events. Purchaser acknowledges that all Mazda vehicle warranties are voided if the vehicle is used in any Competition events. The purchaser accepts all responsibility for modifications to said vehicle(s) and all potential risks.


If you understand and accept this, please click this link to continue with registration.





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